Using cutting-edge technology in your garden studio.

If you are considering purchasing a new garden studio, or even modifying an existing one, there are some fantastic (and easy) steps that you can take to enhance your experience.

Firstly, any garden studio owner should consider upgrading their lighting and electrical appliances. From a practical perspective, a simple step is to add external sockets – an ideal way to supply power to any outdoor events that you plan to host in the future. As well as ever useful external sockets, your studio could perhaps benefit from heating, in the form of either a branded air conditioner or even under-floor heating. Once you’ve made it toasty-warm, a wireless light switch would be the ideal way to continue to upgrade your studio into a comfort rich paradise. These features all help to contribute to a more useful and functional garden studio.

Moving from electricity to water – many studios can be upgraded to incorporate plumbing. This means that your super-slick studio could house a kitchenette to allow you a quick snack, small meal, hot drink or cocktail! Add an en-suite shower room and your studio has the potential to serve many purposes. A toilet & wash basin would build upon these features and transform your studio into a small home which would be more than capable of housing guests.

There are also wide selections of upgrades available for doors and windows. For added privacy, owners of garden rooms have the option to install laminated glass. More commonly referred to as ‘tinted’, laminated glass and will render your studio an entirely independent building to your main home.

With these added features, the potential uses for your studio are limited only by your
imagination. Children could easily relax and play together in there for hours on end, or the cosy studio could be used as a luxurious vantage point from which you and guests can look out upon your garden.