Take advantage of our free quotation service, by booking a free, no obligation site survey with us first. Our site survey appointment takes place at your home or where the proposed Garden Room will be built, with one of our friendly Surveyors.

Once the site survey has taken place, all the important information regarding your dream Garden Room will be passed on to our expert design team, who will create a 3D drawing and garden aspect plan (where the Garden Room will be situated within your garden).

The team will also draw a detailed floor plan with all measurements of the garden building, whilst showing you where all doors and windows will be placed – this is great for using to plan out where all your furniture will go. The complete design and quotation process can take around 5-10 working days, where your Surveyor will e-mail you the finished quotation.

Our quotation team will then price up your Garden Room, which is fully itemised, so you can see exactly how much each part costs. If you wish to make amendments to your design or quotation, you can do se by contacting your Surveyor.

If you’re looking to have a Garden Room from our non-planning range, standard range, these buildings come in set sizes and set prices, therefore the quotation and design process can vary for these. Contact us for details.

Each change to your quotation is completely free, so you get the Garden Lodge, Office or Studio that you’re truly happy with. When you’re ready to move forward with your quotation, the next step is to pay your deposit and be booked into our build schedule.

An example of our 3D drawings, which  you'll receive in your quotation
An example of our 3D drawings, which you’ll receive in your quotation

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