Building control & regulations

If your new Garden Room needs to comply with current Building Regulations, you don’t need to worry, as all of our products meet the basic requirements. Whilst some buildings will be exempt, by virtue of size and location, others will not. We make sure that all necessary regulations are complied with and where necessary arrange for regular inspections throughout the build.

Building regulations are put in place to make sure complex build projects adhere to certain rules set by the UK Government, making them safe, whilst limiting un-necessary waste and ecological damage.

Our Garden Rooms comply with building regulations, where we also make sure that we consider and reduce our waste and environmental damage where possible – choosing to build using SIPs has many green benefits too.

Garden Rooms tend to be exempt from requiring certain building regulations. However if your new Garden Lodge, Studio or Garden Office does require building regulation approval, we work alongside official building control companies who can authorise and make sure that we meet the required standards, depending on what your project requires.

If building control is necessary, the third party building control companies we contract will make regular checks on each part of the build for your Garden Room.


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