Manufacturing in our factory

One of the many positives that put Garden Lodges Ltd ahead of its competitors is that we have our very own manufacturing and production facility next to our Head Office in Bedfordshire. This means we have control of everything to do with the build of your new Garden Office, Studio or Lodge.

We even manufacture our own structurally insulated panels (SIPs), which we use to construct the main shell and are the sole insulation/extremely important part of your new Garden Room.

Manufacturing the SIPs ourselves means we don’t rely on external contractors and we also have the opportunity to have greater quality control and speed to process your order effectively. Read all about our structural insulated panels here.

Once your deposit is paid and the order is placed, our factory team begins the process of putting the entire materials together ready for construction on your specified build start date. We will look after ordering every part of your Garden Room, so it can be delivered to you along each major part of your build.

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