Our build teams – Customer Charter

We build so many new Garden Rooms, Garden Offices, Lodges and Studios per month, we currently have around six build teams working at once and this number is steadily rising.

What’s more, we do not ever contract out to other building firms to build our projects for us. Instead, our teams are all highly experienced in construction with structurally insulated panels (SIPs), so each Garden Room is built to a supreme standard.

You will have peace of mind to know that we have a customer charter that our build teams follow, so that they courteous and tidy at all times. Our previous customers always comment on how brilliant they are, so we have no doubts that you’ll find this too.

We build all year round…

Unless there are severe weather conditions, our build teams will battle it out in the winter and stroll on through in the summer to make sure your build is always kept on schedule. If there will be any delays for any reason, we will always let you know.
our build team)

Our customer charter…

Having builders within your home can be very disruptive and unsettling if they do not manage themselves professionally and courteously. We take great pride in the way we look after our clients, and the manner in which we undertake the construction of our Garden Rooms, Garden Offices and Garden Studios.

Every effort is made to ensure that your experience with us and our tradesmen is as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible. We recognise that this is a major investment and we want you to enjoy the creation of your new space, as much as you will enjoy it when we are gone. To this end, we have set in place a number of policies that we will adhere to at all times.

This is our undertaking to you:

  • We understand that this is your home and we will treat it with respect, while understanding that this is also, for a short while, our work place.
  • Bad language is not part and parcel of having builders within your home and you will not hear any from our workforce.
  • Radios will be kept on low volume, if at all.
  • If any of our staff or workforce need the toilet they will ask permission to use your facilities and will take their boots off before entering your home.
  • All our workforce will be polite and courteous at all times.
  • We will keep you up to speed with progress at all times.
  • All waste materials will be removed from site and recycled wherever possible.
  • We will ensure the site is left tidy and secure as it was when we arrived.
  • We always work safely and your job will be no different, particularly in respect to children having access to the site.
  • We will keep noise and dust to a minimum and will ensure that operations are carried out in the appropriate manner and at the most appropriate times.