Planning Permission

Many garden buildings will not need planning permission, but in the case that planning is required, our experienced team are on hand to deal with any issues on your behalf.

Planning Permission Permission

We are able to arrange the submission of the planning application, including the the drawing up of elevation images, existing and proposed site plans, and the completion of the necessary planning application paperwork itself for an additional fee, as well as liaising with your local planning officer.

We will submit the application to your local planning department once all the documents are agreed, and we will let you know your unique reference code, which allows you to track your planning application. We will continue to keep you informed of any updates throughout the minimum 8 week period until your planning decision has been approved.

Helpful Planning Permission advice

For more information on whether your new Garden Office, Studio or Lodge will require planning permission, please read our hand guide here, or read our planning permission frequently asked questions here.

Bespoke Garden Rooms or Standard Models Collection?

Our Garden Rooms can be custom-designed to suit your needs and requirements, however we do have a range of Garden Studios which have set sizes with set prices and do not require planning permission due to their height and are installed in just 10 workings day. Find out more about our Standard Models Collection here.

Please call us on 0800 043 4821 if you have any questions

Garden Studio planning permission
This Garden Studio required planning permission because it is classed as a high level building (over 2.49m).