Your completed building

We are most certain that you will love and enjoy your brand new Garden Room, from the moment you step into it. We hope that you’ll instantly feel and see the quality of our buildings and their superior finish.

Once your Garden Building is complete and your final payment is made, we will arrange a ‘handover’ appointment with you. The handover is a time for us to make sure everything is in order, and also present you with your keys and warranty, plus any other important documents to do with your new Garden Room.

You can also choose to sign up to our brilliant viewing scheme, with a £25 Amazon voucher incentive.

If you have any queries regarding your new Garden Room, please feel free to contact us directly, where one of our advisors will be on hand to help.
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How to earn Amazon Vouchers

When your new Garden Office, Studio or Lodge is finished, you will also have the chance to join our viewing scheme. If you decide to be part of our viewing scheme, it means we may call you from time to time to see if you’re available to show off your Garden Room to one of our potential clients. If you’re busy you can say no, however if you accept, we will e-mail you a £25 Amazon voucher after the viewing has taken place.