Why a ‘she-shed’ might be the perfect getaway

vaulted with view


Everybody has heard of a ‘Man-Cave’, for years these were the privileged hideaways for men needing those few precious moments of solitude, away from screaming kids, a place where hobbies could be fulfilled, things tinkered with, or beer drunk. But everybody needs a place to chillax, and a ‘she-shed’ might just be the answer to getting away from it, all in the convenient surroundings of your own garden.

Of course at Garden Lodges our bespoke buildings are as far removed from the humble shed as it could be. With double glazed windows, SIP technology construction, bi-folding doors and laminated wood flooring, we only specialise in the most luxury of ‘she -sheds’.


flat roof white wall


What could you use your ‘she-shed’ for?


The she-shed garden office


Many of our customers could do with that little bit of extra space, whether it is for a hobby, working from home, extra accommodation or for working-out, our Garden Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular uses for a she-shed is for working from home. Increasingly people are starting their own businesses or having the opportunity to work from home. Our fully insulated garden offices are perfect for this option. Usable all year round, complete with electrics, internet capability and away from the disruptions of the main house they can provide the perfect work retreat.

flat roof bifolding garden studio


The she-shed relax room


Having somewhere where you can escape to unwind is a real advantage of building a Garden Room in your garden. A comfy sofa, some large scatter cushions and some good books can create the perfect place to take it easy. Why not leave the chaos of the main house and find solitude in your own personal retreat. We can design a Garden Room she-shed with just this in mind, helping you to plan where your new sofa will go, what view you will be enjoying from your new relaxing position and how to get decent WIFI without any disturbances.



She-shed hobby room


Our she-shed hobby rooms can create that perfect space to take your hobby to the next level. Art studios are a popular reason for building a garden room, we have built for our customers 100’s of art studios over the years, one of the design features that make our garden rooms so perfect for an art studio is the amount of light that is possible with large windows and bi-folding doors. A lot or hobbies can end up taking over the house, so moving it to a purpose-built ‘she-shed’ might be a great idea for freeing up space. We can help you to design storage and other elements that will make sure your hobby is perfectly catered for.

An art studio belonging to one of our customers


She-shed gym


One fantastic way to relax is to keep fit. Our she-shed garden gyms offer the chance to work-out from the comfort of your own private garden gym. Fitted with electrics, heating, optional air conditioning and even a shower room and toilet, our garden gyms can create the perfect she-shed work out space.

Garden Studio built by Garden Lodges used for exercise equipment


Of course, our buildings are not reserved to just these uses, as versatile and long-lasting buildings there use and functionality can adapt and change over time as your priorities and interests change accordingly.


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