Work in a garden office from home to beat rail price rise

Today sees action being taken by commuters at railway stations across Britain in protest at the announced fare

hikes. Train ticket prices are expected to rise by anything from 5% to 10%, way above inflation or salary increases – in real terms, some commuters may be paying an extra £1000 a year for their work travel in the next couple of years. Statistics back up claims that people in the south-east of England, at least, are routinely spending 15% of their salary on commuting costs. With such extortionate train costs, and petrol being no better should you use a car for commuting, it is no wonder that so many people in Britain are starting to work from home.

Our company makes high-quality garden offices, and has seen a big rise in the numbers of people who are choosing to be home-based rather than travel to an office. Scepticism is rife that the claimed purpose of this rise in ticket prices, to raise revenue for improvements across the network, is unlikely to result in any visible regeneration of rail services. All too often in the past, investment has not resulted
in any discernible results. Passengers already angry that they pay a hefty proportion of their salary just to stand on overcrowded, dirty, late trains were never likely to receive well the news that they would have to pay even more for the privilege. In these days of high speed internet and teleconferencing, there is no reason why many people cannot choose – or ask – to work from home. A bespoke garden office can be the ideal answer to the rising costs of commuting – with many spending thousands a year on train tickets, a home office could soon pay for itself, not to mention the time saved, increase in productivity and value it will add to your home. If you think it could be a solution for you, have a look at our garden office range.