Working from home can be fulfilling with a garden studio

These days, it is becoming easier and more beneficial to regularly do business from the comfort of one’s own home. Even ignoring the crowding caused by the Olympics this summer, a lot of us have lengthy commutes to deal with, making it very difficult to go into an office every day. However, some feel that working from home, with the domestic distractions all around, can cause demotivation and distraction.

Instead, doing work from the comfort of a garden studio on your own property can provide the solution to both problems. In the past, working from home was discouraged and, in the rare instance that it occurred, it was generally looked down upon. In the lead up to the Olympic Games, however, the Mayor of London was positively effusive about the possibility and this reflects the modern perception that working from home is now widely accepted. Those who work at home or from a garden studio may feel alone but in a report from 2011, it was detailed that there were actually 2.43 million people in Britain that ran businesses from home.

That number represents one in 12 of the working population and continues to increase year on year.
Many appreciate the change of scenery that occurs when going from the home to work – the capacity to differentiate, mentally, between your domestic and work environment can be crucial to peace of mind in both spheres – and a garden office can actually provide this same effect.

Furthermore, the option of having a garden office is increasingly regarded as a status symbol and a luxurious supplement to your house. Instead of just building a plain room outside or one attached to the roof, a garden studio can come in many forms. This type of office can be placed outside on a piece of property and can be made in a variety of sizes and styles.
For those who prefer a traditional style, Garden Lodges have a range of cedar clad lodges with apex roofs. All the garden rooms are eco-friendly and manufactured from insulated panels, and are equipped with full heat, electricity, and any other amenities that are necessary for one’s business. Floor to ceiling windows can be used to usher in a great deal of light.