World Cup fever. 7 ways to turn your Garden Lodge into the perfect sports venue.



As we settle into another World Cup, Russia 2018 promises to be quite a journey. Already with one win under the belt England looks set for a promising few weeks of football, until – we crash out on penalties… While we are still enjoying the spectacle we have a number of suggestions on how to turn your garden lodge into the perfect sports venue. Our garden lodges are built to your unique specifications so It is possible to design a garden lodge that will truly meet all your sporting demands.


Garden Lodge t.v room


We offer a complete turnkey solution, our services include all building and decorating, plumbing and electrics. Once we hand you the keys, your new Garden Lodge is ready to be used straight away. Our lodges are used in many different ways, a bespoke sports room is a great way to free up space in the house and have a room that offers all the comforts necessary to enjoy watching the World Cup and other major sports competitions.


Below are 7 ways that you can turn your Garden Lodge into the perfect sports venue that your friends will be jealous of.

1. Have a large widescreen television installed.

Having a large TV is a must for any great sports venue, but it is important to get the correct size of TV for the size of your Garden Lodge. A general rule of thumb is to divide the distance you sit from your TV by 3. So for example, if you sit 120 inches away (10ft) then the size of your TV should be 40 inches. This will mean that you do not hurt your eyes if it is too large, or have to squint if it is too small. Garden Lodges are able to help you install your TV in the perfect place by carefully discussing with you where the best locations for sockets, ariels, sky dishes and internet ports are located. Getting these correct in the beginning can be very important and we are always happy to help you design the perfect layout for your sports room.


garden lodge sports room


2.Installing a bar or kitchen

Unlike many of our competitors, Garden Lodges is able to fit and install a number of options to your new Garden Studio to make it even more versatile and comfortable. A kitchen or small bar area is a great way to give your Garden Lodge the facilities to turn it into a great sports venue for you and your friends and family. Having a small kitchen means that you can make snacks, create the perfect cocktail, or serve all your beers ice cold. Or, why not go the whole hog and have a minibar installed, turning your garden lodge into your own personal sports pub!


garden lodge with kitchen


3.Sky and internet connection

Gaining access to all the latest sports events takes a bit of forward-planning. Although we do not endorse any particular product, Sky can allow you to watch most major football games, as well as a host of other sporting contests. We can make sure your lodge is ready to accept a Sky connection. Another essential need for any sports venue is a to have a good internet connection. It is possible to share the connection of the main house either with a booster or a cable extender or its possible to have a separate connection for your Garden Lodge which could offer an improved download speed. With internet installed there is no limit to the number of major sports matches you can enjoy – although for major competitions these are not always free.



4.Halftime entertainment

No sports venue would be complete without some halftime entertainment. If your lodge is large enough why not think about a pool table, darts board or table football. Make sure your friends and family are thoroughly entertained and you won’t be able to keep them away. We can make a Garden Lodge that is the perfect fit for a pool table, it is something we have provided for many of our customers and is always a popular option. A dart board is a cheap way to add some halftime fun and does not require too much space. We can even create a protective area so that any misjudged darts don’t ruin your new plasterwork!


pool room in garden lodge


5.Seating options

For a big match, you are going to want to have plenty of seating options to accommodate everybody. Getting an L-Shaped sofa is one way you can maximize the seating capacity of your garden lodge. When we design your lodge layout we can discuss furniture and how you plan to use the space, this means that you can be assured everything fits when you move in, and nobody is left out in the cold! Other seating options that might add a touch of pub ‘chic’ could include pub stalls for your kitchen bar area or how about some reclaimed fold away cinema or football chairs for the ultimate stadium feel.



6.Home cinema Surround sound

in order to create the best atmosphere possible, surround sound is a must. Surround sound systems do a great job of bringing a match alive and can fill your garden lodge with the sounds of the game. Also great for watching films if you are serious about cinema, surround sound systems do not need to cost a fortune. For around £200 – £600 you can get a high-quality system that will blow the socks off your normal TV’s sound capabilities.


surround sound garden lodge



Decoration is something that is down to personal taste. But there are some fun ideas that could make your sports venue a hit. How about some classic pub carpets, Wooden floors are all the rage, but for a touch of retro nostalgia a classic pub carpet could soak up any spilt beer.

If you want to go down a slightly classier route, framed photos of your favourite sports stars, football shirts or memorabilia could be the way to go.

If you had a sporty past then maybe a trophy cabinet could fill a corner, or why not start a new trophy cabinet, for all the winners of pool and darts for years to come.



Whatever is your perfect idea of a sports venue, Garden Lodges can help you design and build the dream.


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