Your very own garden room may be beneficial to your health

With all the troubling topics in the news today, such as economic crises and political turmoil, many of us crave the chance to escape the stresses of daily life. It is always nice to have a special place close to home to unwind. Your own garden room can be just that – a completely personalised place, designed for your relaxation needs, right on your own property. A “room” means that it is simply a building with four walls, a door and a window, but there are many other possible additions.

The BBC has done research on negative life stressors, including a death in the family, divorce, unemployment and being in a bad relationship. Such incidents can often lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, high anxiety or even a stroke. In other words, high levels of stress over long periods of time can lead to death. In addition, many people do not know how to properly handle this tension and turn to coping strategies that are even unhealthier – including drinking alcohol, overeating, taking drugs, antisocial behaviour and smoking cigarettes.

Clearly, people need healthy alternatives to keep their lives balanced. One solution often discussed is exercise, but going to the gym is simply not for everyone and over time gym memberships can be very expensive. An alternative would be to use a personal gym in a garden room.

If you are looking for ways to reduce the stress in your life, a garden room may be the perfect solution. The BBC suggests a variety of activities, including taking a nap, getting a massage, expressing yourself artistically or using meditation to reduce stress – any of which could be accomplished in such a space. Garden Lodges, a company specialising in creating bespoke garden rooms, has built home offices, pool houses, home cinemas, games rooms, gyms, art and music studios.